Surgical Skin Cancer Treatments

Our clinic has a comfortable dedicated theatre suite to treat the spectrum of skin cancers onsite. We are purposefully equipped with the latest technology and tools to perform both simple and complex skin cancer surgery.

Advanced Surgical Solutions for Skin Cancer

Most diagnosed skin cancers necessitate surgical intervention, and Palmyra Skin Clinic excels in delivering advanced surgical treatments. Our trained doctors are experienced at performing both simple and complex skin cancer removals with precision, including intricate procedures such as skin flap reconstructions and skin graft repairs. Assisted by our surgical nurses we aim to provide a seamless and comfortable experience, ensuring you are well informed – by fully understanding the procedure, what to expected and how to care after your wounds post surgery.

Care at Every Step

The comfort and well-being of our patients is of paramount importance to us. Our experienced team is committed to put you at ease whilst ensuring a thorough understanding of the surgical process. Post-surgery we will guide you through the importance phase of wound recovery. Your wound will be appropriately dressed, and you’ll receive detailed post-operative instructions, outlining how to care for the area and when to return for follow-up to ensure the best possible outcome.

For your peace of mind, our team is here to help you address any related concerns you may have whilst you are recovering from your surgery.

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