Skin Biopsy

Skin Biopsy is an important investigative process which aims to provide clarity and precise diagnosis for any suspicious skin lesions. This ensures you receive the appropriate treatment tailored to your unique needs.

Skin Biopsy – Precision Diagnosis for Your Skin Concern

Our treating doctor may recommend this procedure to confirm whether a lesion is malignant or benign. Importantly, it also helps to determine the aggressiveness of any potential cancer. This guides us in providing you with your treatment options and at times recommending the most suitable treatment for your particular needs.

Your Skin Biopsy at Palmyra Skin Clinic involves a careful procedure performed under local anaesthetic, whilst ensuring you remain comfortable throughout. In this procedure we remove a sample of the suspicious lesion so that it can be sent off for further testing and diagnosis. The concerning skin lesion is either shaved (shave biopsy) with a blade or punched (punch biopsy) using a hollow, cylindrical tube. Certain skin lesions may need to be completely excised (elliptical excision biopsy). The collected specimen undergoes analysis by our trusted specialist dermatopathologist for a formal & accurate diagnosis.

At the time, your doctor will recommend and explain what is the most appropriate form of biopsy and aftercare with you. This will depend on the type of skin lesion involved.

If time allows, the biopsy may be conducted right after your skin check. If multiple skin biopsies are required we will help you to schedule in a separate appointment in a timely manner to ensure adequate time is allowed to do the procedure properly and safely.


What Happens After a Skin Biopsy?

All surgical specimens are sent off for tissue analysis and reported by specialist Dermatopathologists so as to ensure accurate reporting and diagnosis for our patients.

All biopsy results will be reviewed by your treating doctor and you will be personally notified in a timely manner, regardless of whether the result is normal or abnormal. Your treating doctor will discuss available treatment options if required and coordinate any necessary follow-up steps.

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