Cosmetic Mole Removal with Surgitron

Palmyra Skin Clinic introduces advanced Cosmetic Mole Removal using Surgitron Radiofrequency Surgery. Our commitment to superior cosmetic outcomes sets us apart, offering safe and effective removal of suitable raised benign moles (dermal naevi), skin tags, seborrhoiec keratosis, and other benign skin lesions.

The Surgitron Advantage

Precision and Superior Cosmetic Results

Surgitron is the cornerstone of our Cosmetic Mole Removal. Utilising ultra-high frequency radio wave technology with minimal heat, Surgitron enables precise removal of benign skin lesions on the face and body with minimal scarring and no downtime.  Unlike conventional scalpel-based surgery, Surgitron selectively removes only the skin lesion, leaving surrounding skin untouched for superior cosmetic outcomes.

Advantages of Surgitron Radiofrequency Surgery

Choosing Surgitron Radiofrequency Surgery for cosmetic mole removal at Palmyra Skin Clinic provides a host of advantages :

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Excellent cosmetic outcomes with minimal scarring
  • Fast recovery with minimal to no downtime – so you can resume normal daily activities immediately post op
  • Significantly less surgical risks compared to traditional scalpel excisions
  • Minimal to no trauma to the surrounding tissue with significantly less bleeding, bruising, swelling, and infection compared to traditional scalpel incisions
  • Straight forward recovery with minimal aftercare
  • No scalpel or sutures involved


If you are considering having bothersome longstanding skin lesions removed by Surgitron, we recommend that you first schedule a pre-op consultation to discuss your needs and address any questions or concerns you may have – so that we can help you in the best possible way.

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