Skin Cancer Checks

Precision and Care in Every Examination

A comprehensive history taking and full body skin examination is the foundation of skin cancer diagnosis. At Palmyra Skin Clinic, we understand that your skin health is of paramount importance. We ensure that you have been allocated adequate time for your consultation.

For your peace of mind our doctors always proactively provide meticulously thorough full body skin cancer checks that go beyond the surface, striving for both the early detection and prevention of skin cancers through practical advice & patient education.

Your Skin Cancer Check involves a thorough head-to-toe examination using a specialised tool called a dermatoscope. This handheld device employ light and powerful magnification allowing our doctors to delve beneath the surface of the skin, identifying any concerning patterns indicative of early-stage skin cancers.

During the examination, you’ll be asked to undress down to your underwear, to facilitate a comprehensive inspection of your skin and each mole individually. Digital photography of all suspicious skin lesions will be taken and securely stored in your personal medical file.

For optimal results, we recommend arriving without makeup, tinted moisturisers/sunscreens, coloured nail polish, or artificial tan. Untinted moisturisers and sunscreens can be used and does not interfere with Skin Cancer Check. While routine examination of the genital and anus areas is not standard, we understand that skin cancers can develop anywhere. Please feel free to inform your doctor of any concerns in these areas or if you’d like them to be included in the examination.

Unfortunately melanoma can occur in area such as the retina (back of the eye). This is beyond the reach of the dermatoscope, therefore we also recommend that you have your eyes checked by an optometrist regularly.


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Your skin health is our priority at Palmyra Skin Clinic. Prevention and early detection of skin cancer is at the heart of what we do. Take the next step towards a healthier you by scheduling your Skin Cancer Check at Palmyra Skin Clinic. Our warm and expert team is here to ensure you receive the care and attention you deserve.

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