Transforming Skin Health

Whether you’re seeking life-saving thorough skin cancer checks, skin cancer treatments or cosmetic mole removal, trust us to provide the highest level of care and results you can count on.

Passion For Skin Health Has Always Been At The Heart Of Our Clinic. Our Mission Is To Empower Our Patients With The Knowledge And Treatments They Need To Feel Confident And Healthy In Their Own Skin.


At Palmyra Skin Clinic, We Are Dedicated To Providing Top-Notch Skin Cancer Care Services To The Vibrant Community Of Perth.

You will find yourself in a comfortable & welcoming environment where our experienced and friendly staff are trained and equipped to assist with your skin cancer concerns, providing the best result possible for your skin.

Your skin is a reflection of your overall health, and we believe that everyone deserves the highest standard of care. Our sole aim is to detect and treat all skin cancers as early as possible whilst also educating our patients on how best to prevent future skin cancers.

What sets us apart?

Your Path To Exceptional Skin Cancer Care

Palmyra Skin Clinic is led by a reputable & accomplished team of highly skilled and experienced skin cancer doctors & nurses committed to the early detection and treatment all types of skin cancers – helping you achieve and maintain healthy skin.

Our reputation is based on the provision of meticulous full skin examinations and absolute dedication to skin cancer diagnosis & treatment. We also pride ourselves in setting and maintaining exceptionally high standard of medical care in the field of skin cancer medicine; whilst ensuring our patients are always kept well informed and feel supported in their skin cancer journey.

Our ethos is to provide truly personalised services tailored to each individual patient, delivered with utmost care in a comfortable environment so as to always achieve the best result possible for your skin.

Understanding Skin Cancer

The Australian sun can be unforgiving, and at least 2 out of every 3 Australians will develop some form of skin cancer by age 70. Skin cancer does not discriminate and tragically over 1200 Australians succumb to melanoma each year. Early detection and treatment is essential to avoid such outcome.

At Palmyra Skin Clinic, we place strong emphasis on educating our patients on how best to prevent skin cancers and the importance of regular skin checks. Whether you’ve never had one or it’s been a while, it’s never too late to start prioritising your skin health.


Your common queries

Do I need a referral from my GP for a skin check?

A referral from your GP is not required. However it would be useful to have if you have a complex medical history or are on multiple medications. If your GP has already done a biopsy, we ask that you please bring a copy of the result. It also helps us to write back to your GP with an update following a diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

To get most out of your skin check and to make the process efficient, we recommended that you:

  • Avoid wearing tinted products or make up to skin check appointment, as they can conceal skin lesions. If possible please remove your nail varnish to allow examination of nails
  • Bring relevant information such as previous biopsy result, list of medications you are currently taking or a letter from your GP (if you have one)
  • Know if you have a family history of skin cancers, especially melanoma by asking family members
  • Examine your skin around genital and breast area for skin lesions the day before as we do not routinely examine those areas unless there is a lesion you are concerned or you would like us to check
  • Dress in clothes that is easy to remove and put back on

At Palmyra Skin Clinic we book 30 mins appointment for a full body skin check. This allows us enough time to do a proper thorough check. This includes history taking and examination of the whole body skin from head to toe. Identified concerning lesion may be biopsied at the same visit if time allows, otherwise a separate appointment will be organised in a timely manner.

You can make a ‘spot check’ appointment if you only have 1-3 skin lesions to be checked. This is a 15 min appointment and can be useful if a concerning lesion arises in between your regular full skin check appointments. If required, a biopsy may be performed during this appointment- this will depend on the type of skin lesion and if time allows. Our aim is to always do the right procedure / treatment in a timely and safe manner for you.

We understand unexpected things happen in life, so please call us if you anticipate that you will be late for your appointment as this will impact on the patient appointments after yours. Depending on the time constraint the doctor may see the patient after your appointment first or we will try to reschedule your appointment to another time so that other patients are not kept waiting.

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